I skipped a scheduled post yesterday...

how do entrepreneurs practice self-care

I skipped a scheduled post yesterday…

I don’t do that, but sometimes a girls’ gotta take a break. I felt horrible about postponing our awesome San Diego Moms Blog Moms Mastermind Event, but I had to take care of myself. And yesterday taking care of myself meant laying in a hospital bed all day to make sure I’m ok.

Self-care for entrepreneurs can be hard…

And I tend to put self care on the back burner. Well, at least the self care that’s not super fun like de-stressing, eating clean and not working 24/7.

I’ve been battling a severe case of Hashimoto’s, and yesterday it knocked me down hard. I spent the day in the ER only to realize they can’t help me - only I can. Only self-care can.

I’m grateful for friends like Rachel and Niki who encourage me to take my health seriously.

So here’s to taking care of myself before it’s too late. 🤞🏼

It’s perfectly okay to take a break my friend, especially when it’s in the interest of your health. ♥️

Samantha Harris