Celebrating Small Business Saturday

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Happy Small Business Saturday, Friends! I love this creative community I have the pleasure to be a part of. Their hustle inspires me to do everything I possibly can to help them grow. This year, I wanted to feature a few of my amazing clients who happen to be offering some great deals this holiday season! Be sure to check them out, #ShopSmall this Holiday season and support the movers, the makers and the shakers! 


  1. Monique "The Ingredient Geek"

I am so glad to have found this knowledgable "Ingredient Geek" through my Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network. Monique's knowledge as well as her products have been a huge blessing to our family in this season of welcoming my brand new Nephew into the world. I wanted to be able to provide Max with the best, non-toxic ingredients and Monique was there to help! Like me, Monique is multiple chemical sensitive and has a sensitivity to fragrance. I think the best part is she knows exactly which ingredients are safe and which are known toxins. I tend to run things by her often! If she does not have a product to help you detoxify your home, she will recommend something safe! You can find her here >>> www.TheIngredientGeek.com/Gifts (this links to the gift giving guide on FB) ... otherwise www.ShopNonToxic.com leads to her Pure Haven Shopping Page



2.  Alycia Cardona "Bags By Blue"

I met Alycia at this year's San Diego Social Media Confrence! She is fierce, passionate and a true hustler, pursuing entrepreneurship while working at her 9 to 5! I love that she has branded herself and is able to connect with her clients in other ways than just customized bags, because let's face it, you can find a consultant anywhere, but finding someone you relate to, that offers the perfect level of customer service is key! Alycia has something for everyone on your holiday gift list! Approximately 80% of Thirty-One products can be personalized to make the gift truly unique. An apron for the grill master, a pillow for the proud grandparents, even a travel set for the young explorer! Enjoy 50-70% off 5 great gift styles with every $35 spent. www.bagsbyblue.com or 



3. Crystal Sanford "Sanford Autism Consulting"

I am proud to have been on this journey of Social Media with Crystal since the very beginning! She has been such a stellar student and really takes what she learns and runs with it! There is a huge need for what she does in our community, with Autism diagnosis on the rise everyday, Crystal is a fabulous resource for Autism Parents, Family Members and Educators. She is putting on a special event that promotes self-care and community building for parents of children with Autism, ADHD, developmental challenges, visual/hearing impairment, etc. This event is now also open to all service providers who support special needs clients and families. Therapists, counselors, wellness advocates, etc., all are welcome!

$10 tickets for each upcoming workshop, regular price $25

-and- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/celebrating-you-a-meet-and-greet-for-special-needs-parents-allies-tickets-39533078502



4. Chris Fialkowski "Wood Victorian Dollhouse.com"

Funny story...so Chris is a friend and colleague, not a client, but has a very successful digital marketing firm here in San Diego. The funny part is that he also sells these dollhouses. Chris is a great mentor and probably the smartest guy I've ever met. He actually started this wildly successful dollhouse business on a bet, when he purchased a laser cutting machine. Check out the amazing, intricate designs they offer! http://woodvictoriandollhouse.com/




5. Sarah Lopez "Freshly Prepped"

Freshly Pepped is one of my favorite woman-owned local businesses! Sarah's kitchen is located in Bonita and she serves the San Diego area with Meal Prep as well as catering. If you haven't tried her gluten free oatmeal muffins, they're seriously the BEST! For Small Business Saturday Buy 3 weeks of the FP breakfast and lunch plan and Get 4th week FREE! Drop 10-18lbs* before the New Year with the nutrition plan. Start the New Year with Healthy Habits Already in Place!




6. Samantha Galvan "Plexus"

Samantha is a good Friend, San Diego Navy Wife and Mother-Hustler who is on a mission to help people change their gut health! Plexus is  known for  three core products called Triplex. The Triplex combo consist of 3 products that balance each other out to help get your gut cleansed and on track. Slim helps in a variety of ways. A few are it’s an aid for weight loss, keeping you energized and stabilizing your blood sugars levels and even help fight cravings. Next we have the bio cleanse thats taken after eating because it helps digest food & keeps things flowing. If 3 cars enter the car wash you better make sure 3 come out. Lastly, probio5, this probiotic contains enzymes that fight the bad bacteria that’s sitting in our intestines and it keeps our bacteria balanced. Today you can get $25 off your order of $125 at https://plexusworldwide.com/Samanthagalvan/home

Samantha Harris